Spider metadata

This library allows retrieving spider metadata defined in spider classes.

If a spider class defines spider parameters, their schema will also be included in the retrieved metadata.

Defining spider metadata

You can declare arbitrary metadata in your spider classes as a dictionary attribute named metadata:

from scrapy import Spider

class MySpider(Spider):
    name = "my_spider"
    metadata = {
        "description": "This is my spider.",
        "category": "My basic spiders",

As this attribute is shared between instances of the class and of its subclasses, be careful not to modify it in place. Here is a simple way to add or change some values in a subclass:

from scrapy import Spider

class BaseSpider(Spider):
    metadata = {
        "description": "Base spider.",
        "category": "Base spiders",

class BaseNewsSpider(BaseSpider):
    metadata = {
        "description": "Base news spider.",

class CNNSpider(BaseNewsSpider):
    metadata = {
        "description": "CNN spider.",
        "category": "Concrete spiders",
        "website": "CNN",

Getting spider metadata

scrapy-spider-metadata provides the following function for retrieving the metadata for a specific spider class:

scrapy_spider_metadata.get_spider_metadata(spider_cls: Type[Spider], *, normalize: bool = False) Dict[str, Any][source]

Return the metadata for the spider class.

Return a copy of the metadata dict. If the spider class defines spider parameters, the returned dict will have an additional param_schema key which value is the JSON Schema for the parameters.

  • spider_cls – The spider class.

  • normalize – Normalize the returned schema.


The complete spider metadata.